Chicken Drumsticks: Crispy dish for food lovers

            What makes this compound Ethiopian is the aroma mix, which is alleged berbere (ber-BERRY). I abstruse how to accomplish it from my bang-up at the aboriginal restaurant I anytime formed at, the Horn of Africa in Madison, Wisconsin.

              My boss, a boxy old Eritrean called Meselesh Ayele (Eritrea acclimated to be a arena of Ethiopia, and is now an absolute country), told me that berbere was the aboriginal curry, that the Indians affected the Ethiopians. Continue reading


Green Food: How To Cook Green Food

                 Many of us need to know if there are health benefits from eating organic food and whether natural farming is all a giant lie. The anti-organic food crowd would have folks accept that organic food is valueless and squandering time, space, and cash.

                 Those that live an organic life-style would prefer to burn at the stake than eat anything that was not at least 95% organic. Continue reading

Healthy Food: Fat free healty food and food tips

                 Fat free recipes always sound rather like something extremely unseemly. If you now take the fat  away, what’s left? And these days you get a good spread of fat free products on the market, so you do not have to use full fat products if you do not wish to ( or can’t ).

                Many sorts of   foodstuffs laden with fat taste just great, like chips and all sort of oily food, or cream sauces and dressings, cakes and biscuits. The sweetness of the ingredients will lead you to feel full without consuming over two hundred and fifty calories. A home-made egg salad is also one of your low cal break options. The mixture contains protein which will help to give you the energy you want. Continue reading

Healthy Food: Most important for healty life

                  Today’s families are busy, with masses of calls on both our money and our time. But the food that are the best and most cost-effective to prepare are usually not the most healthy. Everyday you help your youngsters to form dieting habits that are probably going to stick with them for several years to come. Help them to grasp the seriousness – and the power – of healthy decisions.

                     Nectarines are up there with apples and peaches as filthy tree fruit because tree fruit is sprayed while the fruit is still in flower, the insecticides get within the fruit. Bell peppers are sometimes sprayed with pesticides and their skins don’t offer much of a barrier to give protection to the within the pepper. Continue reading